defence exams after 12th

Defence Exams after 12th – Defence Exams in India

Defence Entrance Exams After 12th Defence Exams After 12th: A career in Indian Defence Forces is definitely a highly respected career. Students after Class 12th can opt for various Career Options and sit for different Entrance Exams for Class XII students. Through these Entrance Exams after class 12, students can gain admission to various courses, […]

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join indian army after 12th

How to Join Indian Army after 12th | How can join Indian Army

Join Indian Army After 12th How to join Indian Army after 12th: The Indian Army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. Indian Army is mandated to safeguard National Interests from External Aggression and Internal Threats. It is also responsible for maintaining peace and security within its borders and […]

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