Assam PAT Syllabus 2021

Syllabus for Assam PAT 2021

The syllabus will be included on the 10th or 12th class level as per the courses. Below we have to given the complete details of syllabus for the Assam PAT 2021 examination.

Mathematics: Geometric Progression, Application of Derivatives, Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Straight lines, Coordinate Geometry, Conic section, Ellipse Parabola, Circle, Hyperbola, Calculus, Introduction to three-dimensional geometry, Mathematical Reasoning, Functions and Relations, Probability and Statistics, Determinants,  Applications of Integrals, Integrals, Matrices Differentiability and Continuity, Differential Equations, Linear Programming, Vectors & three-dimensional geometry, Probability, Arithmetic Progression, Finite & Infinite sets, Sets & Functions, Equal sets, etc. Ordered pairs, Relations & Functions, Product & Quotient of Functions, Pictorial representation of functions, Positive & Negative angles, Trigonometric functions, Truth of the identity, Linear Inequalities, Complex numbers & quadratic equations, Subsets, Difference & Compliment of a set, Permutations & Theorem, Pascal’s Triangle, Sequence & Series, Binomial Theorem, Cartesian product of sets, Measuring angles in radians, Domain & range of function, Signs of trigonometric functions, Principle of Mathematical Induction, Union & Intersection of sets.

Science: The question will be asked from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics subjects.

English:  This section contains topics related to the Command of Language and  Grammar. 

General Knowledge:  Current Affairs –International and National, Scientific Research, Indian Constitution, Science – Discoveries and Inventions, Capitals and Country, India and its neighboring countries, Sports, General Politics, Important days, Current events, Abbreviations, Economic Scene, etc. 

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