Unemployment in Engineering, Unemployed Engineers Statistics

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Unemployed Engineers Statistics | Unemployed Graduates

The Engineering is one of the biggest fields in India producing up to 8 lakh graduates but the problem is 60% of them are unemployed or underemployed. This as a problem from a broader perspective is from the side of engineering colleges and their ability to not adapt to the ever-changing job market and rapid innovation taking place. There was a time when becoming an engineer was some kind of a social status in India, where parents just forced their children to become an engineer instead of letting them excel in their passion.

The field is full of innovation but the universities are just teaching the graduates the outdated machinery and old technology making it hard for the fresh graduates to compete in this highly competitive and innovative world. To add up to the problems the job market is full of engineers while the demand for them is less as there is very less job available for the traditional engineers.

Innovation is going through rapid change from robotics, nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence taking over, we can truly see different fields opening up for engineers where it is immensely creative and mesmerizing the innovation the engineers can come up with which shows that this field is still one of the creative fields, if a person has passion in it which is necessary for everyone to excel in

To take up engineering in India, if you have an eye for innovation and students who have passion for it they can fill up JEE Main 2018 Application Form, then they have to give an entrance exam which will be based on science field conducted by CBSE and getting good enough ranking in it is very necessary, as higher ranking means that you can get admission in the Good Engineering colleges in India 2018.

The top engineering colleges are at par with the global standards of innovation and this institution provide the students with more opportunity for innovation and the students get a platform to showcase their creative talent for innovation.

It is exceptionally deplorable that the USA imports a large portion of the engineers from India when our own particular nation is confronting the emergence of value and abilities. Today, the market is searching for capability alongside affirmation. In this way, it winds up noticeably vital for building organizations (particularly private foundations) to make quality specialists rather than simply giving endlessly authentications. Typically, a nation ought to be glad to have such a large number of new graduate specialists yet considering reality behind this, it is very despicable that we continue delivering engineers who are unfit for work.

Major reforms are needed for getting the learning system of engineers back on track and no matter what the field is even students need to understand that it is the passion-driven field is what they can excel in any field of their choosing, if they don’t have passion for it, the students won’t be able to make it big in the long term and the thing which we call job satisfaction will be non-existent for them which in a way is the biggest factor in terms of choosing career.

Unemployment in Engineering, Unemployed Engineers Statistics
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