ISBNPA LMIC Scholarship Grant 2019 | LMIC Research Scholarship

LMIC Scholarship 2019 | Scholarships | LMIC Research Scholarship

ISBNPA has invited applications for LMIC Scholarship Grant 2019 from early (5 years post-PhD) and mid-career (5-15 years post-PhD) researchers in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Offering 5 scholarships for research to be conducted in 2017/2018, and presented at the ISBNPA 2019 Annual Meeting in Prague.

Scholarship Awards

US$1500 research grant + US$1500 conference travel scholarship + free conference registration + registration to the NESI pre-conference workshop (if the applicant is an early career researcher).

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Early career researchers should be up to 5 years post-PhD. Mid-career researchers should be 5-15 years post-PhD.

Consideration may be given to Ph.D. students in their final year of Ph.D., but this would need to be strongly motivated.

Applicants should be living and be working in, and funded by an institution or organization in a low- or middle-income country, or maybe living and working in a high-income country but funded by an institution or organization in a low- or middle-income country (as recognized by the World Bank).

Each early career applicant should identify a mid-career (5-15 years post Ph.D.) or senior researcher (+15 years post Ph.D.) who is willing to act as a mentor for their project. Mid-career applicants should identify a senior researcher as a mentor for their project. It would be preferable for the mentor to be a member of ISBNPA, and for them to reside in the same country as the applicant. A strong motivation would need to be made for a mentor to be outside the applicant’s country.

Applicants may be eligible for funding no more than once every three years.

Scholarship Application Form

The applicant can apply online To apply, students must complete an application form.

LMIC Scholarship Application Dates

Deadline for funding applications October 15th, 2017

Decision on funding applications communicated November 2017

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