QuestionsCategory: NEETHow should I prepare for the NEET?
Aditi Rana Staff asked 3 weeks ago

How should I prepare for the NEET?

How should I prepare for the NEET?
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sanjana Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Here are some basic rules are given below to prepare for NEET After 10th. NEET is all India level Medical entrance exam and you need to start preparing for it soon after 10th Board exams to score good and get dream college.

  1. Foundation course- After 10th class exams, in holidays study foundation of NEET. If needed join foundation course in any coaching classes. This will benefit you in two ways. One is you will keep doing study in holidays so that your study habit and stamina will not disturb which you have developed while preparing for 10th class board exams. Second is your basic concepts required for 11th,12th and NEET will become strong. Here you will idea of exact syllabus you have to prepare for NEET. This is very much important since it is the beginning of your preparation. And as you know well beginning is half done.
  2. Time table- In foundation course you came to know about the syllabus you have to study. Based on that prepare self study time table as per your convenience. Make sure that you are keeping time for following things in your Time table.
  3. Classroom programme and consistent preparation – Start preparing for NEET from 11th standard. Consistent preparation for two years will result in success. Join two year classroom programme in any of the reputed institute for guidance, Get your concepts clear on spot.
  4. Notes and Books- Books you will use for preparation matter a lot. So choose books with guidance from senior students who have cracked similar exam or teachers. For example, For theory you can use S. Chand publications books since they are easy to learn and understand. For MCQs you can use MTG, Arihant etc.
  5. Self study- Along with coaching from star lecturers self study is important to crack NEET. so give fix time for self study daily. For example self study of 5 hours a day excluding your coaching and other schedule.
  6. Practice- In coaching institute, you will get your concepts cleared. So while doing self study, practice MCQs along with theory preparation. It is very much important since the exam is MCQ type exam. You can target it in the way that if I solved 10 MCQs of Physics-chemistry-biology per day, in two years I can solve 6000+ MCQs per subject.
  7. Entertainment- it is important to give some time for entertainment in your shcedule. Else you will get bored and mentally exhausted by studying. So give some time(like 1 hr) in a day for entertainment. Also You can keep one day off weekly(sunday). Spend that time with family, friends, playing sports and games or developing hobbies. But remember it should be limited and as per plan.
  8. Self evaluation- give some time periodically to evaluate and analyse what you are doing and what you suppose to do. Check weather your plan is good or any upgradation is needed. If so do it. If not check whether you are going as per plan.
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