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Benzathine penicillin is given in:


Mebendazole is not given in:


Most common side effect of zidovudine is:


Mechanism of action of biphosphonates is:


Which is not true about meperidine:


Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus is treated by:


Chlamydial infection in treated by:


Plasma half life of drugs:


Famotidine and cimetidine are different in their action in:


Clavulanic acid acts by:


Epinephrine is not used is:


B1 action of epinephrine is seen in all except:


Atropine is used for all except:


Calcium channel blockers and beta blockers have common indications in all except:


About succinyl choline all are true except:


Mechanism of action of INH include all except:


Prolactin inhibition is caused by:


Mechanism of action of Amiodarone is:


Aspirin should not be used in:


Friedrich type V hyperlipidemia is due to excess of:


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