GATE Exam Question Answers Part 1

GATE Exam Question Answers for Practice

Following GATE Exam Question Answers (Part 1) Multiple choice – objective type questions and answers will help you in GATE Entrance Exam and other Engineering Entrance Examinations:

Maximum size of a fillet weld for a plate of square edge is


Shear stress develops on a fluid element, if :


The capacities of “One-way 1.5 m wide sidewalk (persons per hour)” and “One-way 2-lane urban road (PCU per hour, with no frontage access, no standing vehicles and very little cross traffic)” are respectively.


The number of simultaneous equations to be solved in the slope deflection method, is equal to :


The treatment that should be given to the water from a deep tube well is :


The span to depth ratio limit is specified in IS : 456-1978 for the reinforced concrete beams, in order to ensure that the


Is 459-1978 recommends to provide certain minimum steel in a RCC beam


In a steady radial flow into an intake, the velocity is found to vary as (1/r2), where r is the radial distance. The acceleration of the flow is proportional to


On sag (or valley) curves the available sight distance is determined based on :


Some of the structural strength of a clayey material that is lost by remoulding is slowly recovered with time. This property of soils to undergo an isothermal gel-to-soil-to-gel transformation upon agitation and subsequent rest is termed :


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GATE Exam Question Answers Part 1
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