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Full Form of DLT, What does DLT stand for?

DLT Full Form: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a technology that facilitates a decentralized database in which the transactions and their details are consensually shared, replicated, and synchronized across multiple sites, countries, or institutions.

What is DLT Registration? Why It Is Required For SMS Service In India?

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block-chain based registration system.
  • According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telemarketers have to be registered in the DLT platform.
  • It is being issued in the public interest to control the SMS spam from various marketing firms.
  • Earlier the bulk SMS providers were required to register with TRAI.
  • With the updated rules, whoever wants to send promotional or transactional SMS to their customers needs to be DLT registered.

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What is DLT?

  • The DLT platform keeps records of all the transactions made by the network participants.
  • It is mandatory as per the new TRAI regulations. Communication messages like OTP, verification codes, notification, etc. sent by businesses to their customers need to be registered in the TRAI DLT platform.
  • There are multiple phases to implement the above regulation which mandated the use of blockchain-based technology known as DLT. Most of the telecom operators have already implemented the DLT system.
  • It’s aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud done through SMS.
  • Core factors is taking special measures to offer regulatory compliant solutions in line with TRAI rules and regulations to create a more transparent system for communication. It enables you to send SMS to your leads directly through automation.

Other DLT Full Form:

  • DLT: Dose Limiting Toxicity
  • DLT: Direct Linear Transformation
  • DLT: Digital Linear Tape
  • DLT: Displaced Left Turn
  • DLT: Developments in Language Theory
  • DLT: De La Tierra
  • DLT: Dave Lee Travis
  • DLT: Dental Laboratory Technician
  • DLT: Distributed Language Translation

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