JEE Main 2017 Computer Based Online Exam FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for JEE Main 2017 Online Exam

Question: What is Computer Based Examination (Online mode)?

Answer: It is a Computer Based Exam which will be conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) to make it safe, secure and un-interrupted.

Question: What are the advantages in opting for Computer Based Examination?

Answer: a) The applicant can review or re-answer any question at any point of time during the examination.

b) The applicant can change the option of the answer during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of computer based examination

c) The applicant also has the option to mark any answer for review at later stage during the examination.

d) There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question nos in different colour scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left un answered and marked for review

e) Applicant gets the flexibility in choosing the exam date of his/her choice as per his/her convenience.

f) It will make Applicant feel confident on use of Information technology.

g) You can also save upto Rs. 500 in Exam fees compare to Pen/Paper mode.

Question: How to apply and what is the last date of applying for computer based exam?

Answer: Applicants can apply through JEE (Main) website The last date is 02nd January 2017 as per the declared schedule.

Question: Is Computer Based Examination based on Internet?

Answer: No

Question: What are the dates for Computer Based Examination?

Answer: The dates of examination are 08th & 09th April 2017.

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Question: When a applicant can select the date of computer based examination?

Answer: At the time of filling the form for JEE (Main) itself after paying the fee. In case, a applicant do not select the date for computer based examination, he/she will be allotted the date as per the availability in that city.

Question: What will be the time of computer based examination?

Answer: The exam will be from 09.30 – 12.30 Hours [IST]. The Second shift (if required) will be from 14.00 – 17.00 Hours [IST].

Question: When will a applicant has to report at exam centre?

Answer: 30 minutes before the exam time.

Question: What computer knowledge is required to appear for Computer Based Examination?

Answer: The applicant need to know only how to use computer mouse. That is at the most required.

Question: Can the date of exam once selected be changed, if required?

Answer: No

Question: Can a applicant get an examination center of his/her choice?

Answer: The Applicant can opt for city of his/her choice as per list of computer based exam cities at the time of filling application form only.

Question: How secure is the computer based examination?

Answer: It is very secure with zero error possibility as human intervention is minimal.

Question: How an applicant can practice for Computer Based Examination?

Answer: The Mock Test is available on CBSE/JEE websites. The Applicant can download the same and practice as many times as he/she wants. This will give look and feel of the format of Computer Based Exam in simulation environment.

Question: What will happen in case there is some problem in computer during the examination?

Answer: There will be enough buffer computers available at the examination centers to take care of such problems and the time lost in change of system will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server.

Question: When will the result of Computer Based Examination are declared?

Answer: Combined result will be declared along with the Pen and Paper based examination applicants.

Question: Will there be a question booklet like in offline examination?

Answer: In Computer Based Examination the questions will appear on computer screen along with the answer options. Instruction page will also be displayed before the actual test begins. The time of reading of instructions will not be part of examination duration.

Question: Will a Applicant get the question paper of computer based examination as he/she gets in Pen and Paper based exam?

Answer: Yes, the question paper along with the options marked will be mailed to each and every applicant after the exam schedule is over.

Question: In case of problem in computer etc will there be somebody to assist?

Answer: Yes, there will be qualified IT professionals.

Question: How will a applicant answer a question in the Computer Based examination?

Answer: There will four options of each question. The applicant has to click one of the options using computer mouse which can be reviewed or re-answered any time during the duration of the examination

Question: How will a applicant come to know which are the questions left unanswered?

Answer: There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question nos in different colour scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left un answered and marked for review.

Question: Can a applicant change his/her answer?

Answer: Yes during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of computer based examination.

Question: If a applicant has selected medium of question paper as English but want to see question in Hindi for more clarity or vice-a-versa, is this possible?

Answer: Yes you can easily do with the click of computer mouse.

Question: Will a applicant be getting some practice test? If yes, than how and when?

Answer: Yes, the mock test is available on CBSE / JEE websites and can be downloaded for the practice.

Question: Is computer based examination for B.E. and B.Tech only?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If a applicant wants to opt for both B.E./B.Tech and B.Planning/B.Arch from city of computer based exam, than how will a applicant appear for B.Arch/B Planning exam

Answer: His/Her B.E./B.Tech Exam will be conducted in computer based exam mode and B.Planning / B.Arch in offline mode in the same city.

Question: Will a applicant get sheets/papers for rough work/calculations etc?

Answer: Yes very much.

Question: Is there any call centre support?

Answer: Yes. There is a call centre support for applicants appearing in computer based examination. The helpline number(s) are available on the JEE website.

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