Few Facts about the NDA | National Defence Academy

Few facts about the National Defence Academy, India (NDA)

Brief Intro

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is a very well known as the joint Academy services of the Indian armed forces, where the 3 services cadets which are the Navy, the Army and the Air Force train organized before go to the honorable pre commissioning training in the corresponding service conservatories.

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is located Pune, in Maharashtra. The alumni from this academy have taken part in every major battle that India has fought and also led many of them as army, air and naval officers and commanders.

The Academy

The National Defence Academy started functioning on 7th December 1954 with full fledge. Its inauguration as National Defence Academy was done on January 16, 1955. This migration was named as “Operation Badli”. Initially before this organization or academy was made the cadets has to train In JSW (Joint Services Wing) which is presently located in Dehradun and presently known as the Indian Military academy (IMA). Then they were sent abroad for further training but later after the NDA opened training was done in India itself.

The money that was required for NDA building came from the corpus contributed by Sudan in the year 1941 in an acknowledgment of the detriments of Indian troops in the defense of World War II. That’s why the core building of National Defence Academy is called the Sudan Block.

The Students

The students running with a heavy rucksack are often not a regular drill but could be a punishment. Lt. Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is the country’s first individual Olympics medal winner. He had also won silver in the year 2004 Olympics in shooting which was held in Athens. The first batch started On January 11, 1949 which comprised of 190 cadets.


The National Defence Academy’s mission is to continue to be the prime army academy, joint training center and Institution of brilliance in the world for creating junior leaders, for the Indian armed forces. Prepared with the mental, physical and moral attributes compulsory to cope with the encounters of the next capable of leading troops and battlefield to victory in non-conventional, conventional, and asymmetrical conflicts.

Few Facts about the NDA | National Defence Academy
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