Journalism and Mass Communication

After 12th Career Scope in Journalism and Mass Communication

Do you have interest in mass communication but don’t have much knowledge about it? Then you are in right place as here you can find a full guide of Career Option in Journalism and Mass Communication after 12th. Before knowing career related to it, it is very important to learn many more aspects of the same.

The study of mass communication relay on people and surrounding to spread information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. Journalism is just the same as this, as it a study of work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people about their latest news of the day. Career in this is very great as you will not only gain experience of life but also you will earn high.

If you feel yourself as talented and you can write your best and also if you can report on anything by just communicating then you are most welcome. Mass communication is one of the popularly emerging career fields which can take you to top and that’s the reason why more and more students are opting for this as their higher career option.

Journalism is said to be one of the major part of mass communication as it is a method of presenting the information by various medium including printed articles, blog’s, and television thus both work together for which you need to do combined course for your career. To start your career you need to pass out from class 12th in any discipline, but must be having excellent communication skills to compete with every challenge. After completing class 12th you can go for these mentioned courses Diploma Course’s (1 yr.), Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (3 yr), Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (2 yr) or any other available courses related to it.

Once you are done with your studies, job will be waiting just for you. There are many opportunities which will come on from the news channels, TV shows, magazines, and various publishing firms and online news portals. You can also get job to work from home as a freelancer and also you can work for many companies. Good command in English and excellent writing skills can take you to top. Career in this field is expanding day by day and year by year thus many new channels are originating. So, there is good opportunity for a fresher, to be a part of them and reach a good post in quick span of time. The top recruiters in this field are many from which some are:-  BBC, Star Network, CNN IBN, Viacom, NDTV, UTV, Tv Today, and Zee Network. These sectors are in very high demand where you can get different job opportunities like TV Anchor, News Editor, Senior Journalist, Junior journalist, Screen Writer, and Editor at large. Some more job posts include Camera man, assistant director, producer, screen writer, video jockey etc.

The salary in all these profession is very impressive but in beginning you have to do much hard work to gain knowledge and experience to earn large.

Career Option in Journalism & Mass Communication after 12th
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